C change?

I posted a few bits of trivia on twitter@pssguy as the derby game was concluding but thought that the outcome was worth a bit closer review
So I did a bit of R coding to ascertain each club’s position at this time in the season
Here are the positions the two Manchester clubs have held in late October for every Premiership year

In the twenty years of the EPL (in some of which City were not present), this is the first time City have led United at this time of the season
United have always figured in the top 7 – a rarity for City until recently – but have actually only led the table once on October 24th in the past 11 years : this hasn’t stopped them winning five of those titles though

As for the seven ever-present teams

It is clear how the major clubs have taken a tighter grip of the league since the early days. City are the first outside this clique to head the table at this stage of the season since Leeds in 2001. The Yorkshire club were relegated two years later, a fate not likely for the Sky Blues

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