aRsenal’s woeful staRt

Arsene Wenger has had the dreaded ‘vote of confidence’.
No surprise as, after losing two of most creative players in Fabregas and Nasri and doing some last-minute shopping at the transfer deadline, Arsenal are off to one of the worst starts in their 124 year history

After five games, the current situation ranks in the Top Ten worst of all time

Note that all wins have been converted to three points for comparability

The record is the worst for fifty years with a goal-difference as bad as anything in more than a century. Add to which, 3 of the 4 points earned came from a one goal home victory over a promoted club

The cumulative goal differences highlight that not all Premier League seasons have been successful for the Gunners

A couple of the early years were a struggle and in 1994/5 they carried a -3 goal difference as late as game 37 before back to back 4-goalers, with Ian Wright striking five times, got them into positive territory. There has been a season ending goal difference in the 25-50 range throughout Wenger’s tenure but even to match the worst of those seasons the team are going to have to outscore their opponents by an average of a goal a game from now on


In fact, as the graph now shows, Arsenal did well the rest of the season finishing third
overall and maintaining the goal difference range of 25+ by the thinnest of margins

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