More goodies from rCharts

The guys developing rCharts continue to release enhancements by the day and I have taken advantage to update a couple of Shiny apps


The CRAN download app now sports the new exporter feature so that any chart a user comes up with can be saved as a SVG vector, PNG or JPEG image or as a PDF document. In addition, there is now support for the Datatables js library so I have taken the opportunity to revamp the tables in the app. The top 10 sections now page all packages/countries (so takes a little longer to load) and also has a useful filter option

The Wikipedia Search app was initially based on ggplot but I have now added a Highchart from the rChart library. This has the benefits of providing tooltips and a zoom facility as well as the above-mentioned exporter option. Most importantly, click events are also now available for the app. For any point the user can click to obtain either the subject’s wikipedia page or the google search result for news of the subject for that particular day. So taking our favourite subject, Justin Bieber, one can see that a paricular highpoint was the 1st March 2011. Clicking on the point it shows that this was his 17th birthday when the romance with Selena Gomez was at its most intense. Some of his other peaks are for less salubrious events. It is pretty clear that this could prove a pretty useful for any journalistic research over the past five years

Hope you enjoy. There is plenty more under development

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