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giRls Rule

‘Expansed’ recently posted a blog article on visualising Wikipedia search statistics with R
I have adapted his great script to compare the number of wiki hits four of the top US female singing celebrities have received over the past few years
Firstly here are the smoothed results of daily rates
Wiki hits for selected singing artists

I have shown the log of results as both the start of the time period coincides with the first wiki entry on Lady Gaga and hits vary significantly by artist. Currently, Lady Gaga’s hourly rate is just under 1000 according to wikiroll whilst Madonna rarely tops 100 these days

For individual artists, it is also of interest to look at actual daily rates to check on spikes
Britney Spears wiki traffic

Over this time-period, interest in Britney peaked at the beginning of December 2008 when her documentary For the Record was aired on MTV. Her Jan 2011 spike coincided with a single release